Upcoming Events
Contact Your Senators Now - Support The Small Business Brokerage Simplification Act - 2/1/2018 - 3/26/2019
Support your industry and profession. Link to:

OBBA Business Broker XChange and Mastermind Meeting - 2/26/2019
Join us and your fellow OBBA members to go over best practice and deals in place. Learn of co-brokering opportunities and hear what your fellow members are working on.

We will promptly start at 2pm and will run for an hour. Expect to be on the road by 3pm or so. We look forward to seeing you

Email RSVP to Info@ConfidentialSale.com.

OBBA Cleveland Monthly Meeting - 2/27/2019
Come join us for the monthly Cleveland Northcoast OBBA meeting.

We will promptly start at 12pm and please email President, Darrin J. Kert President at d.kert@murphybusiness.com or call him at 330-388-0768

2019 IBBA Annual Conference - Orlando Florida - 5/10/2019 - 5/11/2019
Mark it on your calendars and make a point to join the annual International Business Brokers Association Conference.

May 10 trough May 11, 2019. Start gearing up for one of your professions and industry most important event of the years.

This is the "BIG IDEAS" event and truly a "must-not-miss" conference. Take your career and business to the next level!

For details and registration link to: https://www.ibba.org/event/2019-ibba-annual-conference/

We look forward to seeing you there in Orlanda, Florida!